Yorkiepoo breed description

The following is what most yorkiepoo breeders strive for:

Their coat is non-shedding so this makes a yorkiepoo a good choice for allergy sufferers. The coat should be soft and silky. The coat can be wavy, curly, or straight and comes in all different colors. The eyes are dark with a lively expression. They can be almond shaped or round. The nose is black. The ears may stand up like a yorkies or may drop like a poodles. The feet are small and oval shaped. The impression one should get from a yorkiepoo is that of a well-proportioned dog.

The yorkiepoos personality can be a mix of both parent dogs. It is friendly, self confident, loyal, energetic, brave, intelligent, playful, sweet, and loving. The yorkiepoo loves their family very much and would have their feelings hurt if left out. They may be small but can run very fast. Although this beautiful mix is easily trained they can be quite stubborn. The yorkiepoo truly thinks that it is a big dog. Even though they are small in stature the yorkiepoo makes an excellent watch dog.

The yorkiepoo does well in an apartment or a house.

Their coats should be brushed often to prevent matts. Regular bathing, ear cleaning and possible plucking, along with nail trimming is required.