I saw your website and couldn't resist submitting pics of my beloved Psy.D (pronounced psy(sigh) D (letter D). Her name serves as my inspiration/motivation for completing school and obtaining my doctorate in psychology. Her name fits her so well...if dogs had therapist she would definitely be first pick. She has so much personality (too much at times) and is a joy to have. I am amazed how different her looks have changed. I hope you decide to post her because to me she is the greatest things since sliced bread :)

Thanks, Garica and Psy.D

Louisville, KY


I was just on your website and I noticed that you can send pictures. I have an adorable 4.5 pound yorkipoo born September 13, 2003. His name is Riley. I've attached some pictures. Thank you for posting them!



I checked out your website today, and saw that you invited pictures and stories from people about their yorkiepoo. We adopted Nikki into our family in March, 2004 - she was born Jan 1, 2004. She is now 2 1/2 years old, and is the most cuddly dog you'd ever want. She loves to play with a big ball, and in the snow in the back yard. She is very smart...too smart for her own good :-) She loves playing with cats and other dogs, even though many times the dogs are much bigger than her. Thought I'd share a couple of pictures of our little sweetie.


Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

This is Yoshi from Seattle, Washington! He is now 5 years old. Yoshi has a closet full of clothes, but because his legs are so short, we always have to roll the sleeves up! We don’t talk about his short legs around him because it hurts his feelings.

I Have a 21 month old Yorkipoo named Bobo. This is the best dog I have ever owned in my life. He is so smart and loving it is almost like having a baby in the house. The pictures are of Bobo when I first got him and last year at Halloween. He went as Darth Vader to a retirement home and was the hit of the evening. He got dog treats and puppy toys no candy.

Thank you


Here is my Yorkie-poo, Chipper. He is my best little friend, and so very smart and affectionate. We live in Huntsville, Alabama.




I would love to learn more about YorkiePoo as I am the proud Owner/Mother of my pup “Whitley Gilbert”. She is a doll! I hope that she can be a new addition to your site.




We have just added a new addition to our family, her name is Sage and she is so much fun!!!!! We love her, she is full of spunk and loves to give, I was looking up info and found you web site, thanks for the fun pictures and info!!!

Todd and Tonya.

Watertown, SD.

Sir Winston Bordeaux 18 months old from Minnesota

<<...>> <<...>>


This is Roscoe the Yorkipoo.


I was doing a Google search on Yorkiepoos and came across your website (which by the way is adorable) My boyfriend and I just got a yorkiepoo this past saturday and she's the cutest thing ever. I have a little Pomeranian and they get along perfectly. Attached is a pic of our little Joey, she's the cutests, sweetest puppy ever and we couldn't be happier :)


This is Coco Chanel she is four months old. I got her from a breeder. She is sweet, cute, and can be a brat at times with our cocker spaniel! But she does love to have photos taken of her!


This is my dog Scottie.I found him at the animal rescue league. He was underweight and he now weighs 9 pounds. He has the sweetest personality and loves children &. loves to go for long walks. Scottie also loves to hide his dog food like a squirrel. He has brought so much joy to my life. Couldn't ask for a better breed of dog. I sent you a picture of Scottie. I would love to see his picture on your website. I live in Saint John N.B. Canada. I am very happy to give Scottie a good home. He is adorable.


Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Thanks for the Christmas card that was very sweet of you guys.. Bandit is great love him to death.. He is going to puppy trainning starting Jan. 6.. Heres a couple of new pictures of him if you would like to see.. Thanks a bunch..


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