This is Buddy at about 9 weeks. He is now 8 months old. He has been nothing but pure joy for me and my husband. He is without a doubt the best dog either of us have ever had!


Steve and Debbie

Dalton, Georgia

This is Ziggie he was born March 25, 2006. Hes a ball of fur, a lot of fun and I love him to death!

These are pictures of my Madison.....the first are at 6 weeks of age, I was looking on the website and didnt see any that were that chocolate brown color when they were born so I thought you might like to add her to your page. The last two pics are her a 6 months of age she turned an interesting silverish and tan color. She was been such a joy thus far!!! I love my yorkiepoo!!!


Hi, This is my baby yorkiepoo CJ he is 10 weeks old and he is so full of life we love him very much.



Bella is an F1B Yorkie Poo who lives with us in Wellington, FL. She weighs 5 lbs. and is a bundle of energy, love and enthusiasm. She is easy to teach and always seems to be trying to the right thing, even though she gets into her share of trouble.

This is my sweet baby girl yorkie-poo. Her name is "Charlee". She is named after a dog that I had as a child, but he was a larger dog and a male. They just looked similar as puppies. These were taken when she was 6 weeks old, and she is 10 weeks now and a whopping 2 and 1/2 pounds! I just got her on March 13, just days before she turned 10 weeks. I will try to put up more current pics as soon as I can catch her still! Every one that I have taken so far, she is running in! She is a doll and my pride and joy. My cats are not real fond of her yet!


Hi there my name is Angela and I live just outside Boston, MA with my little baby BELLA. she is sooo cute and is very different looking from all other yorkipoos. I would like to post her picture on your site and let the world see how cute she is.

Our Yorkiepoo, Kilow has been with us just short of 3 weeks and has take over our lives! What a wonderful dog and at 11 weeks old, darn close to being house broken:) He is very smart and loves to show that fact. Wonder what we ever did without him.

Allen & Nanci

Lima, Ohio

Here is my baby in his work shirt. lol (he is one of a kind) Hope to see this pic on your web page.

Her name is Lucie. She is from CT and she is 4 weeks old.


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