Oreo is now 7 months & lives in MN. Ready to go coat shopping for Oreo.
Bella from Wellington, FL. Bella is also pictured on page three.
This is our yorkiepoo Tallulah Mae. She's 7 weeks old in the first pic and 5 months in the second. She surprised us by changing colors so dramatically.
Daisy is from London, Ontario, Canada. She is 9 weeks old. Born Feb. 28 th.

I would like to submit a picture of my "yorkiepoo" Chole. Chole is the sweetest dog I've ever known, and she wants to be part of everything around her. She is so smart also and very well behaved. She rarely barks and does so many tricks with hand commands. I would never have another breed of dog after having her. Her mother is a white Poodle and her dad a black and tan Yorkie. She started out solid black, and over the last year she has started turning sliver. I can't wait to see what color she ends up staying. I hope you post my picture. I really enjoyed going through the pictures you have posted.

Thanks & Regards, Lynn

This is Alfie, my 12 week old yorkie poo puppy! He is a bit younger in some of the pictures. He is a beautiful black and red. He resulted when my friends' yorkie and poodle got together by accident. The other three puppies were black and tan, but he is the tallest and overall biggest one! His mother is an apricot miniature poodle and his father is a silver/tan yorkie. He's already a whopping 7lbs! I'm curious to see how big he gets. He is very sweet and is such a good boy!

This is Phoebe, my 2 year old Yorkie-Poo. AKA: "The Phoebs" or Phoebus. Her mother was a Yorkie and her father a toy poodle. The first photo she is 8 weeks old. The second photo she is about 5 months old. She loves to spend time with her best friend Morgan, the Boston Terrier. The last photo is her today.

Thanks, Stephanie IL

This is my yorkiepoo called Reggie and he is from Plymouth UK. Thank-you very much for hopefully putting this pic of my dog on your website.

Hi, my name is Lucy and I live in Green Bay, WI. I have a human sister, a human brother, and a yellow lab brother. Our mommy and daddy love us all so much! My best friend is a boxer named Caesar; I look forward to going over to his house to play. When I moved into my new home I was eight weeks and 1.7 lbs, now I am 5 months and 5 lbs. I love to play outside with my sister, and brothers. When I was born I was all black with a little white spot on my chin, as I have been getting older I have been getting some silver tones. I have attached some pictures for you to add to your yorkie poos around the world album. (Don't worry I checked with my mommy first)

Talk to you later,

Lucy "Little Bear" McAllister

I have a wonderful Yorkiepoo named Brodie. His photo is attached The strange thing is he's almost 25 pounds! I've never heard of one so big; and I'm not sure if he's fully grown yet. Are there any Yorkiepoos that are part standard poodle? I love the photos on your site.

Alison H. Illinois

Our Yorkie-Poo is just 11 weeks old. Her name is Marley. I had only two dogs in my life. I grew up with a poodle and our yorkie passed away a year ago at 12 1/2 yrs old. Heartbroken we came upon our best of both dogs on a trip to Key West, Fl. Marley now has a loving home in Bradenton, Fl. Attached are a couple of pictures of this precocious doggie. I'll keep checking your site for further information on this breed.

Thanks Jeanette

I would like for you to post pictures of my baby Gigi. She is the sweetest little dog in the world. She is three years old and the Lady of the house.

Thanks, Stacey

Hi! I absolutely love all of your pics and couldn't resist showing off our little baby. Stitch is 12 weeks old and has quite the personality. He is our first dog and I must say we will always have a yorkiepoo. Thanks!
Skipper at 4 months. Santa Cruz, California Skipper's mom is a poodle. Skipper's father is a yorkie.

These are a few more pictures of Charlee, for her part of your yorkie-poo page. She is on page 3. There is one of her in her new pink bed, one of her at the beach in May, and another is just a pose. She loved the beach and the sand, but not the water very much. We were at Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks of NC.

Thanks, Janet

My boyfriend, Marc, and I, live in North Grafton, Massachusetts and we have a 10 week old Yorkiepoo named Hershey Kiss. She currently weighs 2.6 lbs and has wavy Sable colored hair. Her mom is a 3 lb white Poodle and her dad is a 5 lb Yorkshire Terrier. Hershey is the love of our lives and weíve only had her since 7/15. She is not only the cutest puppy in the Universe; she is the smartest one too! She came to us potty trained at 9 weeks old! She is very confident and is not afraid of anything including loud noises such as vacuum cleaners, door bells, telephone rings, thunder, etc. She loves children, other dogs (no matter what size!) and cats. She grew up in the country with many other types of dogs and cats so she is well socialized. Hershey also acts like a cat in many ways. She plays with her mini tennis ball like a cat, loves the 3 way cat tunnel we bought for her, and she cleans herself like a cat. She hates wet grass, but loves laying outside in the shade when the weather is nice. Iíve attached a few pictures of Hershey to post on your website. I havenít had her groomed yet, but she is scheduled for her first grooming on August 8th. I will send a picture of her after she is groomed as well. Thank you for maintaining a site dedicated to Yorkiepoos. They are very special dogs.

Take care, Joanne

This is Xander he is a yorkiepoo. I am socialising him until he is old enough to go school to be a Hearing Dog for a Deaf Person!


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