Hello, I came across your website and thought I’d share my two with you and your website. I have two Yorkiepoos a male and female. My Male’s name is Maxx and my female is Chloe. Maxx is all black with a white beard, white stripe on his chest, and some white on his paws. His coat resembles the Yorkie, very fine and straight. Chloe has the tri colors with white on her chest and some on her paws. Her coat resembles more of the Poodle, much more thick with a wave to it. I have had Maxx now for 5 months. He is a very spoiled and loving dog. I just picked up Chloe yesterday and she is a beautiful playful one.

Thank you. Hope you enjoy yours!

This is my yorkie-poo Duke. He was born in January 2006. I love how he has his own little personality and boy does he love his mama. If it wasn’t for him I would never be on time in the morning. As soon has he hears my alarm clock go off he starts licking my face and pawing me until I get out of bed. At that point he ready for his walk.


This is our 6 month old yorkiepoo. His name is Teddy. He does that funny thing with his ears! He weighs in at 7lbs.

Teddy lives in Phoenix, AZ.

We truly enjoy having our bundle of joy Pepper Ann! These pictures attached are as follows:

1) Naptime: We had just brought her home at about 8 weeks 2) How cute: She's eight weeks old then too 3) #513: Pepper is the diva of the home and her diamond studded t-shirt proves it 4) #519: It's winter time. She's 3 months in this picture 5) #561: Pepper is 8 months old now, weighs 9 pounds and is posing with her favorite "stuffed" toy poodle, Sasha

Pepper Ann from Tampa Bay, FL

Here is Pippi my darling little girl. She has been the love of my life from the moment our eyes met.


Hi, I like your site. Here are some pictures of Tiki from Seattle, WA. He is a Yokiepoo. He turned two years old this April. He weighs almost six pounds. He has one very unique trick and that is that he can do a handstand using only his two front feet. He can take up to 6 to eight steps while walking on just his from two feet. It is pretty crazy.

Thank you, Larry

This is a picture of my precious little boy, Charlie. I have had him for about 5 months now and I just cannot get enough of him! I hope you enjoy his pictures.
Kappy is 5 months old born on December 23, 2007 and lives in Florida.
Hi my name is Ella and I am 5 months old and I live in Illinois with my family.
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